Performing tasks, which the clients entrusted us with, we feel responsible for their success. Creating integrated systems of electrical installations, KNX and BMS building automation, information technology, technical fire protection and signalisation, we work in close cooperation with clients, trying to get to know their needs in detail, thanks to which there occurs a platform of partnership. It allows for creating complex solutions from a project through installations to implementation and staff trainings. Each finished realisation comes with a service available 24 hours a day.

OFFER: Our services together with the group of products are targeted at the following economy sectors:


Public administration - Building AUTOMATION, energy-saving managing systems, INTEGRATED installation integration systems, which operate units of public administration on the European level, building of DATA CENTERS.

Banking - automation, monitoring, CCTV, fire protection - system installations for managing infrastructure of a building, central systems for self-operating of a facility.

Developers, construction companies - innovative new KNX and BMS technologies, fire protection and sound signalisation, smoke control systems, SAP used in built facilities guarantee the highest standard of security and professional control - we design building automation and implement it.

Hotels, guest houses, holidays resorts - integrated electrical and telecom systems, which create a technical infrastructure, which allows to implement energy-saving technologies

Production, transport, forwarding companies - our solutions are the basic operational tool for those companies, which guarantees good management of the company at every step of production or providing services.

Family businesses, private individuals - the use of intelligent buildings technologies KNX offers them opportunity to monitor and manage their buildings or possessions, guaranteeing security and full comfort.

Health care facilities, sanitariums - long term cooperation with these units enables us to realise the most advance solutions in regard to electrical and ICT installations. Innovation technologies for this branch.

Parking lots, production halls, outdoor events, exhibitions - design and execution in regard to systems of power supplies, telecommunications, industrial automation, building automation, as well as a choice of equipment and 24-hour service.

Remote management - Servicing - Maintenance for facilities with "big" spaces

Our help can include servicing and maintenance for devices and systems:

  • Telecom and electrical installations
  • Building automation, including KNX and BMS
  • Controlling and managing air-conditioning and ventilation
  • Managing the systems of monitoring for heating and airing of buildings
  • Computer systems, servers, routers, CCTV monitoring
  • Telecommunication systems, central stations, servers, units
  • Installation and systems of fire protection and sound signalisation