Realisations - Installations - Assembly - Service

As one of the leaders in the field of technical installation for construction, we have the technical staff composed of 75 people at our disposal /fitters, technicians, engineers/

With the division into:

  • execution teams for building of cable tracks, cable networks and lines
  • execution teams for dealing with electrical installations, from the traditional easy ones to advanced installations, KNX and BMS
  • execution teams for building transformer stations, power generators, distribution and managing centres for power supply
  • telecom installation teams for:
    • structural and fibre-optic cabling
    • cabling for measurement, TV and telecommunication installations
    • cabling for controlling systems, building and industry automatic
  • assembly teams for energetic and telecom devices
  • engineering teams who deal with software for devices, central, energetic and telecom systems
  • project teams who prepare technical documentations

We own a big logistics and warehouse base. We have trucks, delivery and service cars as well as specialised excavators. We possess measurement and assembly equipment for electrical and telecom installations. We operate in: Kraków, Lódz, Warszawa, Katowice. This organizational structure allows us to conduct technical tasks in a mobile way all over Poland. We cooperate with the biggest device producers in Poland.